iCon 连接解决方案

iCon 是专门为测试测量领域设计的一款具有自动 防差错功能的连结器,并作为一种次级连结 应用于标准的测试设备上,同样也兼容于PCB连结。它的体积小巧和内置式的手柄为客户 的节省更多机柜空间

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Engineered for Test and Measurement
  • Rugged engagement mechanism designed for 10,000 cycles
  • Mate up to 320 signal contacts using QuadraPaddle technology111111111111111111111111111111
  • Small width and inboard handle increases side-to-side stackability
  • PCB mountable receiver
Convenient Rack and Panel Connector
  • Slide-off cover allows access to probe points while engaged
  • Removable U-shaped cable clamp makes it easy to reconfigure wired modules
  • Fail-safe features include offset guide pins, recessed ITA (interchangeable test adapter) contacts and keying pins
  • For applications in which the power source comes through the ITA side, the iCon modules can be reversed                                             1
iCon High Power
  • Our iCon High Power connector features all of the same benefits as the iCon, now with high current capabilities
  • Supports six 150 Amp High Power contacts
  • Fully wired connectors are available with flying leads
  • Visit our High Power Solutions page to view our full product offering for all your high current test applications
  • Electro-Magnetic Interference is protected by the stainless steel fibers in the plastic cover and threaded metal coupling
  • adapterminimizes unwanted noise and maintains signal integrity
  • For reduced wiring cost and ease of integration, the iCon receiver is capable of being mounted directly to PCBs
  • iConHD solution mates 36 connections in one interface
  • For Belden 1855A and 1694A/F wire                                                                                                           1
  • Visit our HD Solutions page for more information
Innovative and Practical Module Features
  • Standard Modules allow a mix of I/O
  • Captive hardware in modules guarantee screws will not get lost
  • Rear mount modules allow for easy installation of pre-wired cable assemblies
  • Modules available in coax, power and signal—other module types available upon request
  • For High Power iCon modules                                                                                                                                                       1
Flying Leads
iCon with Flying Leads
  • Flying Leads ITA Cable Assemblies enable Pin Your Own Configuration flexibility
  • iCon Signal Flying Leads assembly offers up to 320 signal points
  • iCon Hybrid assembly enables mixing of signal, power, coax, fiber optic, and pneumatic